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Remove dependency on Microsoft.Owin.Security.DataProtection.DpapiDataProtectionProvider #2104

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The code in OwinExtensions.cs that attempts to retrieve an IDataProtectionProvider from IAppBuilder and then if that's null create an instance of Microsoft.Owin.Security.DataProtection.DpapiDataProtectionProvider using the default ctor needs to be removed. The parameterless ctor has been obsoleted from Microsoft.Owin.Security.

Instead, SignalR should simply call the GetDataProtector() extension method on IAppBuilder and inject that into the dependency resolver.

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It's been obsoleted and isn't even released yet. Epic.

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Should I use CreateDataProtector(this IAppBuilder app, params string[] purposes)? It looks to me that CreateDataProtector cannot return null. Is that the case? What about on Mono?

@halter73 halter73 added a commit that referenced this issue
@halter73 halter73 Use CreateDataProtector instead of the deprecated GetDataProtectionPr…

- This unfortunately removes the ability to fall back to DefaultProtectedData
  on Mono

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