when backplane is not up, .Net client webSockets connection becomes connected after start #2186

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Functional impact:
when backplane is not up, in .Net client start webSockets connection and connection become connected, but it should not be connected when backplane is not up.

1). use the asp.net sample as app server
2). in the asp.net sample Startup update to use scale-out but make backplane not up
3). build and start the asp.net sample
4). use Client.Samples for .Net client, build it
5). run the sample exe file, choose webSockets

Expected result:
.Net client webSockets connection become disconnected

Actual result:
connection is connected, here is output from the sample exe:

URL: http://localhost:40476/raw-connection/
Choose transport:
1. AutoTransport
2. WebSocketsTransort
3. ServerSentEventsTransport
4. LongPollingTransport
Option: 2
Disconnected => Connecting
Connecting => Connected
Using webSockets

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@NTaylorMullen Don't we only raise connect when the init message is received?



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@Xiaohongt is this with the latest .NET client as well?

@davidfowl davidfowl was assigned Jun 27, 2013
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this should be same as the #2219

@Xiaohongt Xiaohongt was assigned Jun 27, 2013
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This was fixed as a result of #2219 as well.

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