WebSocket message limit should only apply to server logic #2247

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davidfowl commented Jun 30, 2013

Today we have a 4K limit on the server side, this limit should be removed client side.


davidfowl commented Jul 1, 2013

@halter73 We share the same class between client and server.


halter73 commented Jul 4, 2013

A few questions @davidfowl:

  • Should we keep the default fragment size 4KB on the client and just make it configurable?
  • Should we also make the 64KB max message size configurable on the client? Or is this the limit you actually wanted changed in the first place?
  • Should this to be configurable via the WebSocketTransport class? That would make sense since it is transport specific, but the Start(IClientTransport transport) overload would need to be used to actually change the limit(s). It would also require devs to manually instantiate an AutoTransport to support fallback.

davidfowl commented Jul 4, 2013

  • No, if anything make it 64K on the client although I'd remove it completely (or make it a really big number) since we don't have any limits on the other transports so I'd just make it consistent.
  • Don't put any max.
  • Yep make it configurable but don't add an overload to start. The default should be good enough for 90% of devs using SignalR and we can make it possible for the 10% that need it to be bigger.

Xiaohongt was assigned Jul 19, 2013


halter73 commented Jul 24, 2013

I want to clarify that this change does not modify the WebSocket max message size on the server or make it configurable. This only removes the limit from the client.


Xiaohongt commented Jul 24, 2013

Do we want to update WebSocketHandler property MaxIncomingMessageSize to internal ?


Xiaohongt commented Jul 25, 2013

verified that the limit is removed from the client.

Xiaohongt closed this Jul 25, 2013

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