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Fix description and dependencies of nuget package SignalR.SelfHost #2384

gustavo-armenta opened this Issue · 4 comments

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This is the current description:

A client and server side library for .NET that provides messaging and an abstraction over a persistent connection. This package pulls in the required dependencies for self-hosting SignalR in a process outside of IIS using OWIN and HTTPListener.

Its wrong, package is not installing client library and its not only for persistent connection, its also for hubs.

Consider improving the package to install JS client and support html pages to make the story easier for browser clients connecting to a SelfHost server


@gustavo-armenta the description can be updated but the other stuff "improving the package to install the JS client is a no go". Self hosting does not have a first class experience anywhere today. When that overall experience improves (we get supported static file serving etc, then we can consider it).


@davidfowl there is static file serving. I have a sample JS/HTML client running on selfhost
app.UseStaticFiles("", @"....\");

@davidfowl davidfowl was assigned

I'm updating the description for RTW removing the first part.


tested on aspnetwebstacknightly

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