Closing Firefox/Opera tab does not trigger OnDisconnected event #2400

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1. Add Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Samples\Hubs\HubConnectionAPI\HubConnectionAPI.cs on selfhost project in dev branch
2. Start selfhost project
3. Change sample to connect to the selfhost server by editing file Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Samples\Hubs\HubConnectionAPI\HubConnectionAPI.js
$.connection.hub.url = "http://localhost:8080/signalr";
4. On IE, navigate to http://localhost:40476/Hubs/HubConnectionAPI/Default.aspx
5. On Firefox, navigate to http://localhost:40476/Hubs/HubConnectionAPI/Default.aspx
6. Closing Firefox browser or closing Firefox tab does not trigger the OnDisconnected event (IE browser never sees the firefox client disconnected). Navigating to another page triggers OnDisconnected.

@halter73 halter73 was assigned Aug 7, 2013
@halter73 halter73 added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 9, 2013
@halter73 halter73 Make Firefox gracefully abort when a tab is closed
- This change is only needed for cross-omain scenarios
- This does not work when the entire browser window is closed


After latest fix:

  • Firefox triggers OnDisconnected when navigating to another webpage and closing the tab
  • Firefox does not trigger OnDisconnected when closing the browser
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@gustavo-armenta Lets file a bug for this:

Firefox does not trigger OnDisconnected when closing the browser

And put it in the backlog


Is this still necessary for more recent versions of Firefox?

I commented out the if (isFirefox11OrGreater) { ... } block in jquery.signalR-2.2.1.js, and disconnection seemed to work (closed cleanly) on Firefox 49.


It would be good to know what version of Firefox it was enabled in.

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