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Set the crossdomain flag for cors ajax request #2512

halter73 opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Issue: credential cookies are not automatically enabled for cors ajax request

Reproduce: from an authenticated page, use signalrjs to connect to signalr server(sub domain), which's already configured to know to client's credential cookies

Expect: client is authenticated in signalr server

Actual: client is unauthenticated. Because no cookies are attached in his cors requests.

Solution: add this option for $.ajax may solve the issue:

xhrFields: {withCredentials: true}


@NTaylorMullen NTaylorMullen referenced this issue from a commit
@NTaylorMullen NTaylorMullen Made logging more consistent throughout the code base.
- Added periods to the end of every log line.
- Removed "SignalR:" from beginning of logged lines so it wasn't logged twice.
- Re-worded some language
- Added Long poll complete log


verified in code all ajax requests are made with "withCredentials: connection.withCredentials"

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