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.NET Client - Connection Bugs - Release 2.0.0 #2738

stuarthunter opened this Issue · 3 comments

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stuarthunter David Fowler Gustavo Armenta Abhishek Nanda


I have identified two bugs in the .NET Client Connection class (src/Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Client/Connection.cs).

1 - Start method will clear required references to _connectTask and _disconnectCts if invoked when connection state != Disconnecting.

The fix is to check the connection state before setting references:

public Task Start(IClientTransport transport)
    lock (_startLock)
        if (!ChangeState(ConnectionState.Disconnected, ConnectionState.Connecting))
            return TaskAsyncHelper.Empty;

        _disconnectCts = new CancellationTokenSource();
        _monitor = new HeartbeatMonitor(this, _stateLock);
        _transport = transport;

        _connectTask = Negotiate(transport);

    return _connectTask;

2 - Negotiate method will increase value of TransportConnectTimeout every time the connection is started. I believe this should be set to the value returned from the server.

TransportConnectTimeout = TransportConnectTimeout + TimeSpan.FromSeconds(negotiationResponse.TransportConnectTimeout);

should be:

TransportConnectTimeout = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(negotiationResponse.TransportConnectTimeout);


David Fowler

The first one was has already been fixed:

The second one is a bug. Thanks for the great report.

If you want to fix the latter bug you can follow the steps here

Abhishek Nanda abnanda1 was assigned
David Fowler

@abnanda1 take a look at this one. Should be trivial to fix.

Gustavo Armenta

test automation provides coverage

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