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issues when using localhost #383

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I'm not sure if this is an issue or not, but I've noticed that the status bar goes crazy after a short amount of time when I'm connected to local host. To watch in Fiddler, I can't use localhost so I can't confirm what is going on with the requests.


What does "the status bar goes crazy" mean?


constant loading as if requests keep getting sent almost ever 2 seconds.


@EliteMikeS Are you talking about this #215?


I'm not sure that is the issue. I feel like that's been resolved in the latest builds. When I push my site to a development server, it seems to be fine. It seems like it's only related to running from localhost with IIS Express. The only way to get fiddler to work with IIS express on my dev machine is to add an entry and hit the site with the url http://iisexpress:someport/site When I do that, the problem does not occur. I am using IE 8.

I certainly don't care if this is something that gets resolved as most testing takes place on an actual web server. I just wanted to bring the issue up.


Now that my project no longer contains a folder named "signalr", IE 8 with IIS express is getting stuck on waiting for foreverframe. This only happens when the hostname is localhost for me. I am using the latest SignalR release. Since it doesn't seem to happen with full IIS, i'm not really concerned.


What do you mean getting stuck? Forever frame is a long running request, it's supposed to be "stuck". What's the broken behavior you are seeing? Are you using fiddler? If yes, do you have it in streaming mode?


I understand it's a long running request, but should I be seeing the waiting status in the IE status bar?

As far as fiddler goes, I can't use it with localhost and IIS Express. I have a rule in place to make it work when using fiddler. my hostname becomes IISExpress instead of localhost. When I'm using that rule or when the site is on my testing network everything seems to be fine. If its just some strange behavior with localhost, then I'm fine with it.


I'm closing this as a duplicate of #215.

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Executing Javascript once the DOM yielded constant loading in some
browsers where they viewed the page as continuously loading since the
entire page had not been loaded, even though the DOM had.  Fixed this
issue by re-routing the connection.start call to the window.load event
by default but also allowing the user to overwrite the default via the
startAfterPageLoad flag.
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