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Connect/Disconnect events not firing in IE #501

gilesbradshaw opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Giles David Fowler Damian Edwards N. Taylor Mullen

This seems especially bad with internet explorer. I'm refreshing the page and not getting a disconnect event. Is there any way of periodically polling connections and dropping any which are no longer valid? - Poss wrong place to ask if so apologies

David Fowler

Are you using the latest version of SignalR? Do you have a sample to reproduce the issue? What version of IE are you using that is causing this?


Hi I'm using 0.5.2 IE 9 IIS Express from within visual studio. I'll see if I can produce a sample. I guess I could implement a heartbeat from the clients and just drop connections if the heartbeat stops. I've also noticed odd behavior when pressing F5 in IE which doesn't happen on any other browser.


here's a v simple project that illustrates it


did youb get time to run it? n It does seem there is definitely a bug there

David Fowler

Yep, I can reproduce. It's just not raising the events at all on new connections for some reason.

David Fowler

It's something to do with IE caching. I'm looking to see if we can fix this in the forever frame transport. Doing this will make it work:

More info

Damian Edwards DamianEdwards was assigned
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N. Taylor Mullen NTaylorMullen Fixed Issue #501
Fixed Connect/Disconnect events not firing in IE.  Issue was browser
caching bug, but was fixed by setting the src tag of hte iFrame to
N. Taylor Mullen NTaylorMullen referenced this issue

Bug fixes #572

David Fowler davidfowl closed this in 6f77371
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