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Improve errors for .NET client #515

davidfowl opened this Issue · 5 comments

3 participants

David Fowler Tamas Nagy N. Taylor Mullen
David Fowler

Throw a new error with the text from the server when something fails.

David Fowler davidfowl was assigned
Tamas Nagy

Could this be the reason I'm seeing errors such as JsonSerializationExceptions instead of the errors that I throw on the server?

David Fowler

When are you seeing errors?

Tamas Nagy

It's when I throw an exception excepting my test console application to receive a nice error telling the user what they did wrong. However, I usually receive an aggregate exception that when I flatten contains a JsonSerializationException when it's trying to serialize a null to a boolean.

David Fowler

Can you show a code sample.

N. Taylor Mullen NTaylorMullen was assigned
N. Taylor Mullen NTaylorMullen closed this issue from a commit
N. Taylor Mullen NTaylorMullen Added custom SignalR error handling capability
Fixed #515

Created an ErrorExtensions class to add a "GetError" capability to
Exceptions.  GetError returns an error of type SignalRError which
unwraps and pulls unique attributes out of a thrown exception to expose
essential pieces to errors.
N. Taylor Mullen

Added feature label because this includes the SignalRError clss for error handling.

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