@davidfowl davidfowl released this Feb 28, 2013 · 1888 commits to dev since this release

Bugs Fixed

  • Connection Id not read properly when additional query string parameters are added (#1556)
  • WebSocket leaks if Close throws an exception (#1554)
  • CancellationTokenSource has been disposed (#1549)
  • Regression: State doesn't work when accessed as dictionary without casting (#1545)
  • Don't catch exceptions thrown from user-defined OnReceived handlers on the JS client (#1530)
  • Calling connection.stop() with the serverSentEvent transport on Opera raises a TypeError. (#1519)
  • Doc summary for BuildRejoiningGroups is wrong (#1505)
  • When converting JRaw to concrete type use default serialization settings that container a max depth (#1484)
  • AV in ForeverTransport under stress (#1479)
  • JS client version property is incorrect (#1476)
  • Throw the "Not a websocket request" exception synchronously (#1440)
  • JS client with jQuery 1.9.0 raises connection error for all sends on persistent connection API (#1437)
  • Groups.Add.Wait fails, http.sys logs shows "Connection_Dropped" with no apparent reason. (#1435)
  • .NET client OnError is raised when calling connection.Stop and using WebSocket transport (#1397)
  • Fuzz test the cursor parsing logic. (#1307)
  • Improve the error message "Incompatible protocol version". (#1176)
  • PerformanceCounterCategory.Exists hangs (#1158)
  • SignalR .NET Client HubConnection looping between Reconnecting and Connected (#1121)