@davidfowl davidfowl released this Aug 6, 2013 · 2241 commits to dev since this release

Notable Commits

  • Removed checks for the GAC and dynamic assemblies. (2cb4491fc6)
  • Modified KeepAlive to be an integer instead of a TimeSpan. (a27f41f327)
  • Added total topics performance counter. (ece78b804c)
  • Changing default message size to 1000. (88f7134b8e)
  • Exposed GetHttpContext extension method from SystemWeb assembly. (6ea4b20e87)
  • Remove ServerVariables from IRequest. (7f4969c6a8)
  • Fix some issues with SignalR's owin request impl on mono. (b5c05bc6bf)


  • Added support for windows phone 8.
  • Add websocket support for the .NET client. (#985)
  • Ability to prevent auto generated Javascript proxies. (#978)
  • Remove the Mode parameter from AuthorizeAttribute. (#956)

Breaking Changes

  • Moved several types into different namespaces. (524e606e7f)
  • MapHubs and MapConnection no longer take route parameters. They are just prefixes. (b7b1371a2a)

Bugs Fixed

  • Validate that connection IDs are in correct format in PersistentConnection on all requests. (#1298)
  • Remove "Async" from all member names. (#1276)
  • WebSocket transport: Unclean disconnects are being treated as clean disconnects. (#1254)
  • JS client longPolling can't reconnect when server process restarts except after the first rebuild. (#1246)
  • Registry exception. (#1244)
  • JS Client: LongPolling OnConnected message doesn't make it to client. (#1241)
  • In JS client, Group names are not encoded in the querystring when a transport reconnects. (#1233)
  • SL5 client is not working. it fails to load json.net. (#1223)
  • Interval between keep alive missed and notifying transport seems to small. (#1211)
  • "+" sign in a string gets transformed to a space. (#1194)
  • LP: Clients cannot receive messages on client if message is sent right after start. (#1185)
  • Fix issues with growing number of dead connections consuming too much memory. (#1177)
  • JS Client: Base events (reconnecting, connected, received etc.) are not unique to connection objects. (#1173)
  • PerformanceCounterCategory.Exists hangs. (#1158)
  • JS client function isCrossDomain returns true for same website /host url. (#1156)
  • Waiting on multiple commands in OnConnectedAsync causes a TaskCanceledException in ForeverTransports (SSE, FF, WS). (#1155)
  • JS client can't receive messages after reconnected for network disconnect and re-connected. (#1144)
  • .NET client fails auto-negotiation fallback. (#1125)
  • Deadlock in .NET client websocket stop logic. (#1120)
  • Remove MozWebSocket check in javascript websocket transport. (#1119)
  • OutOfMemoryException after sending a lot of huge messages. (#1114)
  • Don't create topics when publishing. (#1071)
  • Unseal AuthorizeAttribute. (#1050)
  • Topic objects remain in Active state and never clean up after all clients disconnected. (#1001)
  • Remove the Mode parameter from AuthorizeAttribute. (#956)
  • on IE10/9 foreverFrame transport connection can't receive message after network disconnect time and network re-connect. (#820)