@davidfowl davidfowl released this Aug 6, 2013 · 1353 commits to dev since this release


  • Add tracing to Service Bus message bus (#1912)
  • Add more scaleout performance counters (#1833)
  • Ensure fairness in scale-out message delivery using arrival time stamp for sorting (#1807)
  • Support generating an install script (#1793)

Bugs Fixed

  • [LP] - ConcurrentCalls causing leak on server side (#1993)
  • 'r' is undefined (#1975)
  • Duplicates messages received when using 2 machines (#1973)
  • Memory leak in connection tracking when using scaleout (#1953)
  • Missing messages when sending to groups (#1948)
  • ServiceBusMessageBus should delete subscriptions when the application shuts down ungracefully (#1939)
  • Only unwrap one level of exceptions when returning hub errors to client (#1919)
  • in SqlScaleoutConfiguration it should throw when TableCount < 1 (#1888)
  • Refactor SQL message bus to use events instead of delegate passing (#1879)
  • LP/SSE hang when using a reasonable value for ServicePoint DefaultConnectionLimit (#1874)
  • Unobserved ODE after manually stopping a connection on the .NET client (#1848)
  • Overwhelming the queue can cause issues sending to other clients (#1847)
  • The WebSocket instance cannot be used for communication because it has been transitioned into an invalid state. (#1846)
  • Validate ServiceBusScaleoutConfiguration members (#1806)
  • JS client webSockets /serverSendEvents /foreverFrame don't append /reconnect but append /poll in url when reconnect, however functional still work (#1794)
  • Update RedisMessageBus to use latest version of Booksleeve (#1788)
  • LongPollingTransport threw ObjectDisposedException in AbortResetEvent.Set() (#1691)
  • Redis message bus can result in missed messages due to messages received out of order from backplane (#1676)