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@DamianEdwards DamianEdwards released this 13 Jan 20:24
· 240 commits to main since this release

Bugs Fixed

  • An unhandled exception in ProcessWebSocketRequestAsync method for request (#3342)
  • Canceled Tasks returned from Groups.Add and Groups.Remove (#3337)
  • TypeLoadException when use strongly typed Hub with an inherited interface (#3311)
  • With Redis scale-out, calling the method Groups.Add(connectionId, groupName).Wait() never completes (#3240)
  • Stack Overflow Exception version 2.1.1 (#3228)
  • In .Net client race condition when connection stopped and heartbeat running (#3212)
  • In .Net client race condition causes ArgumentNullException (#3211)
  • Remove async/await from code that can run with the sync context (#3176)
  • Detect blocks/deadlocks in .NET client receive queue and log an error when it occurs (#3167)
  • Small trace issue in SqlReceiver (#3147)
  • Nightly Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Redis package from dev branch still has old dependency BookSleeve (#3137)
  • Add a workaround to make sure Redis connection is reconnected in ConnectionRestored event after Redis restart (#3095)
  • With Redis scale-out, SignalR existing connections will miss some messages after Redis restart (#3091)
  • Issues with large message sizes again (#163) (#3040)
  • Task for Groups.Add never completes (#3037)
  • In perfmon instances of SignalR perf counters for full IIS only show like default web site, doesn't show web application instances (#3002)
  • Memory leaks in IE/Chrome when use SignalR longPolling (#2953)
  • .Net client webSockets fallback wait transportConnectTimeout then start next transport (#2903)
  • JS client fallback wait transportConnectTimeout then start next transport (#2902)
  • Fix references in portable library for Xamarin projects (#2833)
  • Object Expected Error Line : 1285 onInitialized(); When trying to use signalr(forevrframe) with jQuery UI Dialog (#2795)
  • signalr.exe ghp doesn't dispay error message about generating hubproxy javascript for server Hub classes (#2769)
  • MessageBus.Dispose spins on Interlocked.Exchange(ref _gcRunning, 1) == 1 (#1088)
  • consider updating the log info "....a connection lost timeout of " for keepAliveData.timeout (#1084)
  • update log message for foreverFrame when it is not supported (#1057)


  • Change .Catch() to trace to passed in TraceSource (#3107)
  • Support WebSockets on Windows Phone 8.1/Windows Store 8.1 (#3027)
  • Update Redis extension to StackExchange.Redis (#2961)