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This is the first preview of ASP.NET SignalR 2.4.0. It includes initial client support for the Azure SignalR Service. This support has not yet been enabled in the Azure SignalR production environment, we will post an announcement post to when that support is fully available.

It should be compatible with your existing applications so please feel free to upgrade even if you aren't planning to use the Azure SignalR Service and report any bugs you find so we can make sure this release is a fully compatible upgrade!

See a list of fixed issues here:

See issues planned to be fixed in future 2.4.0 releases here:

The following packages have been released to

Package ID Version
Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR 2.4.0-preview1-20180920-03
Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Client 2.4.0-preview1-20180920-03
Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Core 2.4.0-preview1-20180920-03
Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.JS 2.4.0-preview1-20180920-03
Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Redis 2.4.0-preview1-20180920-03
Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.SelfHost 2.4.0-preview1-20180920-03
Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.ServiceBus 2.4.0-preview1-20180920-03
Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.ServiceBus3 2.4.0-preview1-20180920-03
Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.SqlServer 2.4.0-preview1-20180920-03
Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.SystemWeb 2.4.0-preview1-20180920-03
Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Utils 2.4.0-preview1-20180920-03

Also, the localized satellite packages have been uploaded as well.

The following NPM modules have been released to

Package ID Version Tag
signalr 2.4.0-preview1-20180920-03 next

To install the preview release of the NPM package, use the command npm install signalr@next