Projects Using SignalR

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  1. SignalR-ObjC - An iOS/Mac SignalR Client
  2. SignalR-QT - Qt based C++ client
  3. SignalA - A native android client in java


  1. JabbR - Real time chat application
  2. [SignalR + PNotify = Real Time Push Notifications] POC (Link)
  3. Umbraco Now - realtime activity map of community activity
  4. LoggR - Real time web app monitoring
  5. WorkFu - Opportunities that find you (how WorkFu was built)
  6. HushFlow - Private discussion board for teams
  7. HurricaneJs - HTML5/SignalR/.NET game server and engine.
  8. - Chat with doctor online (Norwegian)
  9. - Compile and execute .NET from your web browser.
  10. ElmahR - ElmahR = ELMAH + SignalR, real time error notification dashboard.
  11. NodeAssets - Asset management solution that uses SignalR to push css updates as you are changing it
  12. DIWICON AURA - Indoor positioning system with panic messages.
  13. Adopt Him - Romantic social network built around SignalR. Real time user interactions and chat. Finding love has never been so instant.
  14. Fixposit - Allows groups of users to share their location with eachother in real time on a google map.
  15. Postworthy - Real time content curation tool. (source code)
  16. LiveTiming/TimeService - Real time racetrack monitor for some BeNeLux racetracks, including TT Assen SuperBike track
  17. bromelard - Offers a unique platform for global online sharing of geographical listings
  18. ShootR - Multiplayer space shooter game (work in progress).
  19. - Test remote http clients and webhooks. Point to your InspectBin url and start inspecting.
  20. SRChat - A chat application using SignalR
  21. Hatchvid - A video pre-production and creative collaboration application
  22. Magic Words - A multiplayer classic game Scrabble, which can be played by 2 to 4 players, and apply different kinds of magic.