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Signal Widget Client Customization Library for Web Developers

Signal Widget makes it easy to publish announcements on your website.

Signal Widget already ships with a few classical themes like Bootstrap, Material and Foundation.

Custom CSS can be added right in the Editor.

This is for people, who want to build a custom theme and harness the power of scss, webpack and other automated processing.

This boilerplate helps you to get started with your custom theme.


npm install signal-widget

(WIP) Development

Integrate it into your current build process for now

Checkout the already included themes and start to customize them. If your Theme is based on Bootstrap, you can start easily with the bootstrap/signal-widget.scss and adjust the variables and add custom css rules.

npm run dev

creates a local server with hot reload and file watching (using webpack)

(WIP) Build

This packs and compresses the scss and icons and creates a nice css, which can get inserted right into the custom css field in the editor.

npm run build


MIT License Copyright 2017 Tim Kirbach