Ansible module for integrating with SignifAI collector from within a playbook
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Ansible module for notifying SignifAI REST API of a metric/deployment/incident from within a playbook. Mostly used to report on deployment events.

Including in your playbooks

Copy this whole directory (minus test-pb.yml) into the roles/signifai subdirectory starting from the directory of your playbook.

mkdir -p roles/signifai && cp -R signifai-ansible-integration/* roles/signifai/ && rm roles/signifai/test-pb.yml

Within your playbook, before the tasks section, put a line like this:

    - signifai

See test-pb.yml for a detailed example of usage.


Mostly just like the REST API.

Attribute Value/Type Required Description
event_type 'incident', 'deployment', 'metric' Y Type of event.
event_description String Y ('incident' or 'deployment') Description of event.
metric_description String Y (only for 'metrics') Description of metric.
name String N Name of event, incident, metric
event_source String Y App/object generating the event.
attributes Dictionary N Additional attributes.[1]
value (for 'metric') (Inferred from value/schema) Y Metric's value
value (for 'incident') 'critical', 'high', 'medium', 'low' Y The priority/status of the incident.
value (for 'deployment') 'started', 'finished-with-errors', 'finished-successfully', 'error', 'rolledback' Y Deployment's current state.
application String If no 'service' or 'host' The application the event applies to.
service String If no 'application' or 'host' The service the event applies to.
host String If no 'service' or 'application' The host the event applies to.
jwt_token String Y Your customer jwt token (from registration)
collectors_host String N Alternate collector hostname to report to

You can specify 'application', 'service' and 'host' at the same time, but you must specify at least one.

The 'metric' value is implied by its type as specified in your parameter and/or by our schema.


Released under under the MIT License.