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NOTICE: SMAC is Unsupported!!

Hello everyone,

TL;DR: While it might already be obvious, I am no longer supporting SMAC now or in the future. I will not be responding to issues or pull requests. If you are someone who wants to continue work on SMAC, please fork it and do so with my full blessing/permission/whatever (not that you needed it anyway, it is open source after all). If you plan on sustained development post about it on the SMAC board of the AlliedModders SMAC forums ( ). If you are a user who wants a viable and free alternative to SMAC with active development/support, I suggest using Lilac:

During February 2020, I had made a post in the issues section as a PSA regarding an indefinite hiatus (see post here: #37 ) due to a number of personal reasons among other world events that made things more difficult to continue doing modding for things such as SMAC, at least for me. A lot of things have changed since then, but I am still not working on SMAC. What little I did do for modding between now and then has only been for ZPS, but only just barely. However, when it came to bigger projects such as this, I simply did not have the time, patience, or ability/drive to continue even during the free time that I had.

With that in mind, I want to make it clear: I will no longer support SMAC now or in the future. Someone else will need to do so, if they wish to continue working on SMAC that is.

This DOES NOT mean that I will be deleting the repository, but I will not responding to issues/pull requests made for this project will be ignored by me. I will leave all issues/requests open just in case someone comes along and wants to continue the project, but this update of the README file is being done to simply inform people (those who have posted or want to issues/pull requests here) that these will not be answered or responded to. It will just end up in the proverbial "shadow realm", lost and forgotten, if posted here. If you are thinking about posting issues, please post them on the AlliedModders SMAC subforum ( ). If you wish to take up active development of the project, feel free to fork it and go ham (you do not need to contact me for permission or credit me, just make sure to keep the headers in the code and the included licenses!)

With all that said, its not all doom and gloom. Someone out there decided to make a new anti-cheat mod for servers that is also free, open source, and has active development. Its name is Little Anti-Cheat (Lilac):

The author, J_Tanzanite, has done an impressive job with this and it seems to be gaining new features and support for multiple games. I would recommend using this and supporting the author however you can in order to help this mod grow. It is compatible with SMAC, so you can have both Lilac and SMAC installed (be sure to read that pages compatibility notes regarding the two on Lilac's page) but to be completely honest, I think this will eventually take over SMAC if it gains enough support and features (which I hope it might one day achieve). Please consider using and supporting Lilac and its author over the current version of SMAC.

Thanks for the support and messages over the years!


Sourcemod Anti-Cheat

For a lot of people, SMAC has been one of those more elusive plugins due to some of the issues surrounding it involving copyrights and headers. In, the original authors added the headers to it and left it at that. During that time, I was working on my own fork of it specifically for ZPS which evolved from there into the current fork that is seen today. So not only does the code have all the appropriate headers, but included is a license with those headers as well, so it should be okay to distribute, post, branch, and fork once again as needed provided everyone adheres to the license.

For information about the plugin and its modules, please use the wiki here:

Changelog Update (12-20-2019)

  • Merged changes by 404UNFca adding EngineVersion check and removing support for GMod and TF2 Beta. (#27 )
  • Removed CSS Beta (cstrike_beta) and replaced Insurgency Mod support with Insurgency (2014 Steam version) support.
  • Added support for Black Mesa multiplayer and Zombie Master Reborn (the latest version of ZMR: ). While support is present, SMAC has not be tested for these games, just an fyi.
  • Recompiled all plugins. Update (12-12-2019)

  • Depreciated support for the ESEA module. As of 12/08/2019, it has been confirmed that it is not possible to download the .csv file from the ESEA website, making it impossible for the plugin to function. The code will still be available for legacy purposes, but will no longer be supported. Info regarding this is found here: #11
  • Added the "unsupported" directory under "scripting" to the repo for code files that we are keeping, but do not support. This was added for legacy purposes, but is entirely unnecessary for most users.
    • The following code files reside in this directory: smac_eac_banlist, smac_esea_banlist, and smac_immunity
  • Removed the socket extension from the repository. Since EAC and ESEA plugins are no longer supported/usable, this extension is no longer necessary.
  • Added the color text functionality from the include back into the plugin.
    • This include and its functions (as well as basic colors codes) work with most games, including CS:GO (tested and verified).
    • The text generated from the plugin is still the default colors. This can be changed by putting one of the supported color codes (such as {green}) into the translated phrase/text of the smac.phrases.txt translation file.
  • General update to some parts of the code, specifically, added the "null" keyword to most ConVar variables.
  • Recompiled all plugins. Hotfix Update (11-19-2019)

  • Fixed a crash with the smac module due to chat message features: #24
    • Reverted to colors include (updated with new syntax)
    • Changed Welcome message and admin messages to PrintToChat rather than CPrintToChat functions.
  • Recompiled plugins. Update (11-18-2019)

  • Code update for all plugins to use the new syntax. A big thank you to caxanga334 for the countribution: #23
    • The colors include has been replaced with the morecolors include (which has been added to repo).
    • A few function updates for the smac and smac_aimbot modules.
    • Added connect include file.
    • Updated socket include file to new syntax.
  • Added code created by the original devs to allow users with the appropriate admin flags to bypass SMAC detection (fixes issue: #21 )
    • Code uses the "o" flag by default for admin immunity and has been updated to use the new syntax.
    • Please note that the code is added in its own file and available for use/compilation. It is NOT an official module. Server owners will need to compile this code themselves and make changes where necessary in case they wish to add more functionality/features to it or change the flags.
    • Thread relating to admin immunity found here:
    • Thanks again to caxanga334 for finding the code/thread for this!
  • Updated code to be more consistent (minor stuff, no major functionality change to plugins).
  • Plugins have been compiled for SM 1.10
  • Not really an update, but please be aware that some games might be having trouble with the SM Rcon extension, which the smac_rcon module uses for optional features. If your server is crashing after adding SM Rcon and the smac_rcon module, please remove the SM Rcon library first to see if it fixes the crashing issue. If the smac_rcon module is found to still crash the server after this, please remove the module and open a ticket for the issue. Thank you! Update (10-12-2019)

  • Merged changes by Frisasky to the main SMAC module for Fistful of Frags (#16 )
  • Merged changes by Loyisa for the Chinese translations (#17 )
  • Fixed "SMAC_ShouldBeBetwechi" in Chinese translations which should be "SMAC_ShouldBeBetween"
  • Recompiled plugins to implement changes. Update (09-30-2019)

  • Updated support for Sourcebans++ to use latest natives instead of the depreciated native.
    • SMAC will attempt to use the sourcebans++ native first, then the depreciated native next. This is for backwards compatibility.
    • This was brought up by Drmohammad11 in this issue here: #13
  • Added Chinese translation to SMAC via pull request from LemonPAKA: #10
  • Depreciated support for the EAC module. The code will still be available, but the plugin will no longer be compiled. With changes to the Easy Anti-Cheat website, it is no longer possible (as far as I am aware) to use this module or modify it to work as it once did. It will be unable to grab the information needed to check if a player was banned by Easy Anti-Cheat. Sorry!
  • Known Issue: The ESEA module currently does not work very well due to the ESEA website/Cloudflare denying the request. This is still being worked on: #11
  • Known Issue: Bhop detection from the autotrigger module is not catching some people using scripts. Issue is being worked on and was discussed here: Update (07-26-2019)

  • Updated the smac_commands.smx module:
    • Added the command snd_setsoundparam to the CS:GO ignore commands list in the code. While this command was removed from CS:GO on 05/29/2019, it seems that it has been getting randomly spammed and causing users to be kicked. This issue was brought up in #8
    • Please note that you can add commands to block or ignore via plugin commands from smac_commands.smx independently. Please see this wiki page for details:
    • Added new convar smac_anticmdspam_kick. This toggles the ability to kick users for command spam (which is set as the default response) or to simply notify when someone is spamming.
  • Updated smac.cfg with new cvars and recompiled all smac plugins to reflect updated version. Update (05-07-2019)

  • Fixed a couple of issues related to tickcount with the smac_eyetest module that was causing false positives to occur in TF2 and CS:GO (someone might want to confirm for CS:GO):
    • Alt-tabbing no longer causes users to trigger the tickcount cheat detection each time it occurs. This was reported in the SMAC thread:
    • A rare issue (caused by the same tickcount detections) in TF2 when a player would be running a taunt (such as conga) and attempting to open the contracts menu. More info here: #1
    • Please be sure to leave compatibility mode on and set bans to off. While this issue is possibly resolved, that does not mean it might not break in the future.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the smac_speedhack module not checking for the player being in-game (#7 )

Be sure to test these and if you have any feedback or comments, feel free to post in the SMAC forums ( ) or create an issue on github. Thanks! Update (01-23-2019)

  • Re-added achievement-related checks back to smac_client. Originally, this was removed some time ago due to an issue with ZPS 2.4, but has been re-added as ZPS 3.0+ has achievements.
  • Updated tf2 weapon classes to ignore in smac_aimbot. Most of the weapon classes added had weapons that did not necessarily benefit from aimbot. The weapons classes ignored are as follows:
    • tf_weapon_slap - ex: Hot Hand
    • tf_weapon_buff_item - ex: The Buff Banner
    • tf_weapon_parachute - ex: The B.A.S.E. Jumper
    • tf_weapon_breakable_sign - ex: Neon Annihilator
    • tf_wearable_demoshield - ex: Splendid Screen
    • tf_wearable_razorback - ex: The Razorback
    • tf_wearable - ex: Mantreads
    • tf_weapon_rocketpack - ex: Thermal Thruster
    • tf_weapon_lunchbox_drink - ex: Bonk! Bonk! Atomic Punch
    • tf_weapon_lunchbox - ex: Sandvich
    • saxxy - ex: Saxxy, Prinny Machete
  • Updated zps weapon classes to ignore in smac_aimbot. They are as follows:
    • weapon_baguette
    • weapon_pipewrench
    • weapon_wrench
    • weapon_meatcleaver
  • Fixed a warning/bug in smac_cvar regarding variable shadowing for the CvarComp:CCompType variable in some parts of the code. I have renamed affected variables to SCCompType to avoid possible conflicts.
  • All plugins have been compiled for SM 1.9 Update (12-09-2018)

  • Only updated the change log with wiki information. No plugins or scripts were updated yet. Update (6-11-2018)

  • Compiled/Updated codebase for SM 1.8
  • Updated SMAC stocks and wallhack code to use FindDataMapInfo and FindSendPropInfo instead of FindDataMapOffs and FindSendPropOffs.
  • Updated smac_rcon module to have logging for attempts to use rcon_password on the server from a non-whitelisted IP. This functionality REQUIRES the SM Rcon extension found here: . Please note that some games might not work with this extension! Initial Commit (9-1-2016)

  • Used latest code as base (this included all GPL headers and such for SMAC team and CodingDirect LLC).
  • Added ZPS support. Support for other games should remain the same as the branch (so if it doesn't work for that particular branch, chances are it will not work for this version as it was updated for ZPS only)
  • Removed updater code/references. Updater will no longer be used by this fork of SMAC.
  • Re-tabbed all code. 1 Tab = 4 whitespaces.
  • Included all relevant extensions, translations, script files, and pre-compiled plugins
  • Most of this version's modules were tested for ZPS except game specific ones. smac_cvars works, but if you use any fake clients/bots that were custom made for ZPS (or any game for that matter), it doesn't mesh too well due to how they look like at them as players (causing tons of lag issues fyi).


Sourcemod Anti-Cheat







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