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smac commands kick #8

Ayrton09 opened this issue Jul 22, 2019 · 7 comments

smac commands kick #8

Ayrton09 opened this issue Jul 22, 2019 · 7 comments


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@Ayrton09 Ayrton09 commented Jul 22, 2019

hello silenci0, i tested your latest version on csgo (sourcemod 1.9 latest) everythings works fine but seems like smac_commands.smx is kicking everyone without reason.

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@Silenci0 Silenci0 commented Jul 22, 2019

Hello Ayrton,

Is it CS:GO that the plugins are being used for or is it another game? Also, do you happen to know what commands might be kicking people or if there are any logs for SMAC on the server that indicate the command module is kicking players? If there are logs, please post them for me (you may want to redact player names and IP info prior to posting) as it can potentially help me narrow down the issue.

EDIT: Also, if its not a command, but command spamming (ie: the plugin is detecting commands that are being spammed too often) that could also be an issue as well. If you have any printed admin messages regarding if it was command spam or a particular command that is being used when players are being kicked, please also include that information.



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@Ayrton09 Ayrton09 commented Jul 23, 2019

hello, yep its only on csgo, never had this problem before with "smac.commands.smx" since i updated to the new version I had to remove it.
the only log i got is "kicked for spamming" and no one can join.

recently i tried the plugin on a clean server and i didnt get kicked, seems like some plugins are causing this issue with the new version. i will give you more information while im investigating

[SM] Listing 74 plugins:
01 "[CSS/CS:GO] AbNeR ResetScore" (1.5fix) by AbNeR_CSS
02 "Admin File Reader" ( by AlliedModders LLC
03 "Admin Help" ( by AlliedModders LLC
04 "Admin List" (1.2) by Fredd
05 "Admin Menu" ( by AlliedModders LLC
06 "Advertisements" (2.0.2) by Tsunami
07 "Anti-Flood" ( by AlliedModders LLC
08 "arms.smx"
09 "Basic Ban Commands" ( by AlliedModders LLC
10 "Basic Chat" ( by AlliedModders LLC
11 "Basic Comm Control" ( by AlliedModders LLC
12 "Basic Commands" ( by AlliedModders LLC
13 "Basic Info Triggers" ( by AlliedModders LLC
14 "Basic Votes" ( by AlliedModders LLC
15 "Connect Announce" (1.8) by Arg!
16 "Client Preferences" ( by AlliedModders LLC
17 "[CS:GO] bug fix - bot add jointeam" (1.0) by Bacardi
18 "[CSGO] Team Limit Bypass" (1.1) by Zephyrus
19 "Ent-Control" ( by LeGone
20 "SM ExoJump Boots Giver" (1.0.3) by Franc1sco franug
21 "Force AllTalk" (1.1) by Nickelony
22 "Fun Commands" ( by AlliedModders LLC
23 "Fun Votes" ( by AlliedModders LLC
24 "Give Weapon" (1.0) by Kiske
25 "[ANY] Ban Disconnected Player" (2.0) by Headline, Original Plugin : mad_hamster
26 "High Ping Kicker - Lite Edition" ( by Liam
27 "[CS:GO] Damage Text" (1.6) by Kento, Kxnrl, IT-KiLLER, root88
28 "[CS:GO] Custom Radio Sound" (1.1.3) by Kento
29 "Map configs" (1.3) by Berni
30 "Map end cvars reset" (2.1) by St00ne
31 "Noblock for players and nades" (1.0) by tommie113
32 "Only Headshot" (2.0.2) by Bara
33 "PermaMute" (0.1) by Ryan "FLOOR_MASTER" Mannion (Editors: R1KO and XERXES AT)
34 "PickAll" (1.0) by Hexah
35 "Player Commands" ( by AlliedModders LLC
36 "Radio Spam Block" (1.0.1csgofix) by exvel,TonyBaretta
37 "Reserved Slots" ( by AlliedModders LLC
38 "Player Respawn" (1.6) by Rogue
39 "Self-Mute Intelligence" (1.5.2) by IT-KiLLER and (Otokiru, edit 93x, Accelerator)
40 "SourceMod Anti-Cheat" ( by SMAC Development Team (original), Mr. Silence (updated)
41 "SMAC Aimbot Detector" ( by SMAC Development Team (original), Mr. Silence (updated)
42 "SMAC AutoTrigger Detector" ( by SMAC Development Team (original), Mr. Silence (updated)
43 "SMAC Client Protection" ( by SMAC Development Team (original), Mr. Silence (updated)
44 "SMAC ConVar Checker" ( by SMAC Development Team (original), Mr. Silence (updated)
45 "SMAC Rcon Locker" ( by SMAC Development Team (original), Mr. Silence (updated)
46 "SM Advanced Teleport" (1.0) by LightningZLaser
47 "SM File/Folder Downloader and Precacher" (1.4) by SWAT_88
48 "Soccer Mod" (2019.5.6) by Marco Boogers (updated by Ayrton09)
49 "Sound Commands" ( by AlliedModders LLC
50 "Teamswitch Menu" (0.2.6) by R-Hehl
51 "Toggle Music" (3.7.8) by Mitch & Agent Wesker
52 "Toggle Weapon Sounds clientprefs" (1.0.3 fix m_iWeaponID + new syntax) by GoD-Tony
53 "[UMC] Admin Menu" (3.6.2) by Steell
54 "[UMC] Ultimate Mapchooser Core" (3.6.2) by Original:Steell, Updates:Powerlord (3.4.6-dev), Mr.Silence (3.6.2)
55 "[UMC] Echo Nextmap" (3.6.2) by Steell
56 "[UMC] End of Map Vote Warnings" (3.6.2) by Steell
57 "[UMC] End of Map Vote" (3.6.2) by Steell
58 "[UMC] Nominations" (3.6.2) by Steell
59 "[UMC] Player Limits" (3.6.2) by Steell
60 "[UMC] Post-Played Exclusion" (3.6.2) by Sazpaimon and Steell
61 "[UMC] Rock The Vote" (3.6.2) by Steell
62 "[UMC] Time Limits" (3.6.2) by Steell
63 "[UMC] Vote Command" (3.6.2) by Steell
64 "VoiceAnnounceEx" (2.2.0) by Franc1sco franug, Mini and GoD-Tony
65 "Weapon Restrict" (4.0.0-b7) by Dr!fter
66 "Coinflip" (1.2) by hAlexr
67 "[STORE] MineSweeper" (1.0) by hAlexr
68 "CS:GO Movement Unlocker" (1.0) by Peace-Maker
69 "Store - Trade System" (1.0) by Zephyrus
70 "Store - The Resurrection" (1.1) by Zephyrus
71 "Thirdperson | Mirrow Mode" (1.11) by Zephyrus
72 "AFK Manager" (4.3.0) by Rothgar

73 "RankMe" (3.0.3.Kento.31.2) by lok1, Scooby, Kento, pracc, Kxnrl, CrazyHackGUT
74 "Game_Player_Equip Fix" (1.1.1) by Mitch

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@Silenci0 Silenci0 commented Jul 23, 2019

Hi Aryton,

Looking into it from the code end, what is getting activated is the command spam portions of the code, which the cvar smac_antispam_cmds controls. By default, it is set to 20 commands per second, so whatever is triggering this is spamming a particular command 20 times in a pretty short period of time.

If you set smac_antispam_cmds to 0 in your smac.cfg file, it should disable the check for command spam. As a test, try to disable it without disabling the plugin and see if you keep getting kicked for command spam.

On another note, I have not updated the code for this module in some time, though I have recompiled the plugin during every update so that it keeps up with the changes in both the includes and the core module, so not much has changed in the module itself. However, since it is kicking people, it should be logging the command (as well as client info) in the "SMAC.log" file in "addons/sourcemod/logs". If that log isn't present, please try to create a log file in that folder named "SMAC.log" and re-enable the plugin's anti-spam feature. If the code is logging everything correctly, it should show the actual command that people are being kicked for.

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@Ayrton09 Ayrton09 commented Jul 24, 2019

hello, i installed smac commands again to show you the logs here is what i got
[smac_commands.smx |] Ayrton09💗 (ID: STEAM_1:1:37229756 | IP: ) was kicked for spamming: snd_setsoundparam Music.WonRound.valve_csgo_02 volume 0

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@Silenci0 Silenci0 commented Jul 24, 2019

Thank you for the update!

It looks like snd_setsoundparam is a CS:GO command for adjusting sound parameters and, for whatever reason, it is being spammed somehow. Looking into this further, there was an update on 05/29/2019 regarding this command and it has been removed from CS:GO, so it shouldn't even be an issue. However, for whatever reason, the command is being triggered, so it might possibly be a bug of some sort that came out with a recent release.

Regardless of the reason, it is still causing SMAC to trigger the anti-spam commands. If there is some kind of bind or autoexec.cfg file with this command in it, it may be a good idea to remove it and any instances of it from your client configs. If that isn't the case, then its definitely a client-side thing that is not working correctly. This is definitely a false positive of some sort, so you may want to either:

  1. set smac_antispam_cmds to 0 to disable the spam check or
  2. remove the commands module completely.
  3. use smac_addignorecmd to have the plugin ignore snd_setsoundparam. This cvar can be placed in server.cfg or smac.cfg (either one should be fine). See the wiki page here for info about the module and what it can do:

This should work for now and since the SMAC commands module can add commands to the ignore list, you should be able to simply add it yourself via plugin cvars in your configs. That said, I will be adding this command to the plugin just in case this is a wide spread issue (which it might be), so any of the above three options should suffice until I can update the commands plugin to ignore this particular command. I will also be adding a cvar to set the module to give the choice to simply notify when someone is spamming commands rather than kicking them just in case people would rather have that than simply having an autokick upon command spam.

Thank you again for the report, I will hopefully be able to update the plugins within this week/weekend and release an updated version. I will respond back to this issue once it has been updated.

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@Ayrton09 Ayrton09 commented Jul 24, 2019

thanks! for your work! <3

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@Silenci0 Silenci0 commented Jul 26, 2019

Plugin has been updated to with snd_setsoundparam added as a command to be ignored when used (so it does not count as spam when the plugin checks) and the new smac_anticmdspam_kick feature that I mentioned was added and tested in TF2 (since I have a test server setup for testing general purpose stuff).

This issue should be resolved, but feel free to let me know if its not working. Alternatively, you can block this command yourself with the plugins various commands that can add/ignore or remove a command to be listened for/checked for (as stated earlier in this issue). Thanks again for reporting the issue.

@Silenci0 Silenci0 closed this Jul 26, 2019
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