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Minecraft mod that allows adjusting of player and mob health.
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Scaling Health

This Minecraft mod started as a port of Difficult Life. Eventually, I decided I would rather break down the existing mod and build my own, fixing bugs and fine-tuning it to my liking. Over time the mod has evolved into a completely different beast, but could still be configured to function more-or-less like Difficult Life if you wanted to.

This mod will, by default, allow the player to gain extra health. Mobs will also gain extra health, with the amount increasing gradually over time. Both player and mob health increases can be disabled. The rate at which the difficulty increases can also be changed. Difficulty can be configured to change with a variety of factors or could be disabled entirely. The config is rich with options.

Most code has been rewritten at this point, but there may be portions that are almost direct copies from Difficult Life.

The CurseForge page should have more detailed (and mostly up-to-date) information about features of the mod. The wiki has some information on more advanced features. Although I'm notoriously bad about updated wikis...

Links and Downloads

Note on Downloads

I only upload builds to Minecraft CurseForge. If you downloaded the mod from somewhere other than Curse/CurseForge or the Twitch launcher (or as part of a modpack in some cases), I cannot make any guarantees about the file or its contents, as it was uploaded without my permission.

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