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A Minecraft mod mostly about tools and colorful building blocks.
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Silent's Gems

The first Minecraft mod I released. Adds a lot of random things, most notably a tool and armor system in Minecraft 1.12.2 and lower. See Silent Gear if you want tools and armor in later versions.

Other features include teleporters, an alternative to enchanting, and a magic system I will probably never completely finish. Check the CurseForge page for details, I update it somewhat regularly and it details most features. Screenshots are out-of-date, so many things will look different in-game.

Older Versions

Only recent Minecraft versions are actively support, and only the latest version will receive new features in most cases. If you are hung up on playing an ancient Minecraft version like 1.7.10... too bad, I will not update it. Not worth the hundreds of hours of work.

Major Versions

This mod has had two major versions (and a third planned). Major version updates intentionally break compatibility with older versions and only occur across some Minecraft updates. Version 2.0.0 started in Minecraft 1.9, version 3.0.0 will release sometime after Forge updates for Minecraft 1.13+.

1.13 When?!

Sometime after Forge updates. This will be a major update and this is a somewhat large mod, so it will take time. Silent Lib/Gear will release first, and should come out relatively quickly, depending on how difficult the 1.13 transition is.

Links and Downloads

Note on Downloads

I only upload builds to Minecraft CurseForge. If you downloaded the mod from somewhere other than Curse/CurseForge or the Twitch launcher (or as part of a modpack in some cases), I cannot make any guarantees about the file or its contents, as it was uploaded without my permission.

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