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Meteor dapp for operating price feeds on Ethereum.
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A MeteorJS price feed DApp - for operating price feeds on Ethereum.

** Please note that this DApp is still in Alpha (still working out the bugs).


Clone this repo

$ git clone

Start an eth node open the http://localhost:3000 in mist, mix or alethzero or run a CPP node as follows:

$ eth -j -b // for a mining node: $ eth -j -b -f -n no -m yes

Start your app using meteor

$ cd meteor-dapp-pricefeed/app
$ meteor

Go to http://localhost:3000/admin

  • click 'Deploy PriceFeed Contract' and copy the new address

Edit client/lib/feedConfig.js

  • change Feed.address to the new address

Wait for mining, refresh, enjoy!

Server Deployment


  • change vars CONTRACT_ADDRESS and OWNER_ADDRESS to the appropriate values

Running the server

$ cd meteor-dapp-pricefeed/app
$ python

DApp Functionality

  • landing page
  • admin page (a dashboard for contract owner)
  • tracking page (to track subscriptions)
  • can subscribe an address
  • only subscribers can access the feed data
  • renewable subscriptions
  • owner can manage feed price, subscribers, subscription duration and payout balance
  • a basic python server for updating the feed info

Page Layout

  • Landing page: /
  • Admin page: /admin
  • Tracking page: /track/0x00000


This DApp is a starting point for deploying and operating price feeds on Ethereum. It could potentially be modified to meet the needs of almost any price feed. Presently, the default title is "Gold Price Today*" (which will be my gold price feed).

Original SOL by Gavin Wood


  • Decimal number support for feed info
  • Multi-type feed data (e.g. "gold", "silver" etc.)
  • Better error handling
  • Trigger event on info update
  • Setup contact form (make active)
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