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Known issues

This theme is build for a specific project with its own constraints, on top of my own limited coding ability. And that is why we have known issues here:

  • The theme doesn't follow requirements of separation of presentation and content. To be specific, two functions, register_post_type() and register_taxonomy() should go in a plugin. These enable "comics", and sorting through different series or "stories". In effect, this creates an unvolontary lock-in effect. This means you would lose access to your (comics) data if you used this theme and then switched to another theme. The data would still exist but you wouldn’t be able to see it. That is an unwanted consequence of sharing this theme. Until a simple comic plugin can solve this potential issue, it is best to avoid using this theme on your live site. DON’T use it on your live site, unless the above doesn’t bother you.

  • Theme-check: WordPress recommands placing custom post types in plugins, not in themes. Again since the theme uses register_taxonomy() and register_post_type() it doesn’t pass theme-check. Writing a plugin and releasing a simpler version of the theme should be the next step for this project.

  • As far as comics editing and management capabilities go, the functions are basic. This is due to my limited coding ability but also by design. The fewer features, the better.

  • Architecture: There might be a better way to sort through all the different comics. Incremental improvement works wonder.

To do:

Unchecked indicates room for improvement / to do, ✓⚡︎ = partially done, checked / ✓ = done

  • Split the comic functions from the theme in a separate plugin, in compliance with WP best practices
  • Highlight current comic post link
  • remove post_class();
  • more consistent colour scheme — add JavaScript functions to change styling, link colours etc.
  • Add comics navigation icons; add svg symbols with png fallback
  • Add icon support for icomoon or Genericons (?)
  • Redesign the whole theme from scratch using Less or Sass to ease future maintenance (probably not)
  • Add <picture>element support for responsive images. See picturefill.js + WP
  • Functions.php has a “print” tag — implement this function to allow users to pick panels and order prints
  • Third parties integration (social media, etc.)
  • Test + feedback + implementation ⚡︎
  • Improve custom post and theme logic from a user point of view ✓⚡︎
  • Implement search for custom taxonomies ⚡︎

PRs Welcome


  • Added Gutenberg with REST API support
  • Improve comments JS, PHP & CSS ✓⚡︎
  • Add an option to show the latest comics on is_home (blog) page ✓⚡︎
  • serve scaled image on grid page archive (improve get_first_image() function)
  • Improve pagination on some archive templates
  • Add an author page template
  • Improve mobile viewing ✓⚡︎
  • Improve mobile menu, accessibility ✓
  • Improve 404 page ✓⚡︎
  • Modify navigation to show first, previous, next, last webcomic post ✓
  • Review the navigation / pagination logic (test) ✓
  • Design a minimal, custom post type for comics ✓
  • Add and enable multiple stories by custom taxonomies ✓
  • improve category.php & custom comic categories using custom taxonomies, rather than built-in categories ✓
  • Re-design the archive page(s) with custom taxonomies ✓
  • Reverse WP default order for comics archive ✓
  • Page grid to display books / episodes if not in archive
  • Add columns for extra large images ✓
  • Fix 3 columns footer widget media queries ✓
  • Fix or remove sidebar (there should be no sidebar) ✓
  • Style single images navigations (e.g. for separate panels) ✓⚡︎
  • Improve image.php -> Fix image per image comic posts navigation, navigate through images within the same post. Goes to next image on click or keyboard (keyboard navigation enabled)
  • Write documentation ⚡︎
  • Third parties integration (WooCommerce, RoyalSlider, MailChimp for WordPress)
  • Custom webfonts not loading on iPad
  • Custom logo
  • Header image
  • style sticky post, pagelink and various post formats classes
  • WooCommerce integration / styling fixes ✓⚡︎
  • Lots of small css tweaks and fixes ✓⚡︎
  • Consistent colour scheme ⚡︎
  • Fix compatibility issues for Internet Explorer & other browsers
  • Clean markup: trim unused code ✓⚡︎
  • Implement speed, reduce queries, correct gross mistakes, etc.

Do you know how this theme can be improved?

Please send your findings and suggestions over to hoa // @ //

Want to help in any other way? You are more than welcome to support this project ♥. Thank you!

See you again!visit the Silent Comics site

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