Manage docker from Emacs.
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Emacs integration for Docker!

Supports docker containers, images, volumes, networks, docker-machine and docker-compose.


List images

Images list

Image run popup

Image run popup


The recommended way to install docker.el is through MELPA.

Here is a example use-package configuration:

(use-package docker
  :ensure t
  :bind ("C-c d" . docker))


Use M-x docker, select a resource then then mark or unmark items using the following keybindings (for more marking possibilities, check out

Binding Description
? List actions
l Configure listing
m Mark item
u Unmark item
t Toggle marks
U Unmark all
s Sort
* r Mark items by regexp
< Shrink column
> Enlarge column
C-c C-e Export to csv

Then select an action and follow the popup instructions.

Supported commands

  • docker container: attach, cp, diff, inspect, kill, logs, pause, rename, restart, rm, start, stop, unpause
  • docker image: inspect, pull, push, rm, run, tag
  • docker network: rm
  • docker volume: rm
  • docker-machine: create, env, restart, rm, start, stop
  • docker-compose: build, create, down, exec, logs, pull, push, remove, restart, run, start, stop, up

You can also enter dired or open a file inside a container or volume.



Thanks to magit-popup, all the popups default arguments can be customized. For example, here is how to customize the arguments for docker-image-run-popup:

(setq docker-image-run-arguments '("-i" "-t" "--rm"))

or inside a use-package declaration:

(use-package docker
  :ensure t
  :bind ("C-c d" . docker)
  :custom (docker-image-run-arguments '("-i" "-t" "--rm")))

You can also customize these using M-x customize-variable.


Variable Description Default
docker-command The docker binary to use docker
docker-container-default-sort-key Sort key for docker containers ("Image")
docker-container-shell-file-name Shell to use when entering containers /bin/bash
docker-image-default-sort-key Sort key for docker images ("Repository")
docker-machine-default-sort-key Sort key for docker machines ("Name")
docker-network-default-sort-key Sort key for docker networks ("Name")
docker-run-as-root Run docker as root nil
docker-volume-default-sort-key Sort key for docker volumes ("Driver")


How to use docker-machine under OSX?

The following configuration is required (some of it can probably be simplified by using

(setenv "PATH" (concat (getenv "PATH") ":/usr/local/bin"))
(setq exec-path (append exec-path '("/usr/local/bin")))
;; Use "docker-machine env box" command to find out your environment variables
(setenv "DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY" "1")
(setenv "DOCKER_HOST" "tcp://")
(setenv "DOCKER_CERT_PATH" "/Users/foo/.docker/machine/machines/box")
(setenv "DOCKER_MACHINE_NAME" "box")


They are very welcome, either as suggestions or as pull requests by opening tickets on the issue tracker.