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Silicon Laboratories WFx Wi-Fi Full-MAC driver

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WFx Wi-Fi FMAC driver

The WFx Wi-Fi Full-MAC (FMAC) driver enables a host device to communicate with Silicon Labs Wi-Fi transceivers and take advantage of the capabilities listed below. The FMAC driver is built in a way that allows it to easily be ported on new platforms. It fits bare metal architectures as well as RTOS based implementations.

Implementation examples are available on several platforms in the WFx FMAC tools repository.

The latest driver documentation is available at

WF200 Wi-Fi Transceiver

The Silicon Labs WF200 is an Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi® transceiver or network co-processor (NCP) targeted for applications where optimal RF performance, low-power consumption, and secure end-to-end solution, together with fast time to market, are key requirements. The WF200 integrates the Balun, T/R switch, LNA and PA for best possible RF performance. WF200 has been optimized for resource and power constrained devices at the RF, protocol and firmware levels. Power conscious devices can take advantage of these features in both active and idle/sleep modes. For security sensitive applications WF200 provides secure boot and a secure & encrypted host interface. Robust security is made possible with a native integrated True Random Number Generator and OTP memory for confidential encryption key storage. The WF200 fits well with Linux-based and RTOS based host processors. WF200 supports both the 802.11 split MAC and the 802.11 full MAC architectures. It communicates with the external host controller over the SPI or SDIO interface.

The WF200 can act as a full-MAC wireless device and WPA2 personal supplicant. The firmware exposes a full-MAC API at the IP packet level. It also manages WPA2 personal authentication process as well as automatic roaming.

More information on Silicon Labs website.