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In the case of a bug report, a suggestions, or if you just need help, please feel very free to open an issue.

For general issues, please use the following labels:

  • Something is not working as intended: Bug
  • Need help with something: Help wanted
  • Have a question: Question
  • Have a suggestion or want to request a feature: Enhancement
  • Does the question regard direflow-component: Direflow Component
  • Does the question regard direflow-cli: Direflow CLI

Pull request

Pull requests are really welcome!


When doing a pull request, please make sure to include an new version in your PR. There are multiple packages that needs to be in sync, so in order to update the version of Direflow, please use the script:

npm run update-version <new-version>

In order to create a version patch, use the command:

npm run update-version patch

Developing on Direflow

Start by making a fork of the direflow repository, and clone it down.


Now cd into the project folder and run the command:

npm run install:all

This command will install the project, the packages and all peer dependencies.


In order to test your changes locally, you want to link the project using the command:

npm link

Now, in order to make sure all version-references are pointed to your local version of the project, use the command:

npm run update-version link

NB: To do all of this in one command, you can use:

npm run setup-local


After applying your changes, build the project using the command:

npm run build:full

Now, test that the project is working by using the command:

direflow -v

This should give you the latest version with a '-link' appended:

  Current version of direflow-cli:

In this way you know that the command direflow is using your local setup.

Now, test your new functionality.

Note: After you have build the project using build:full, you may want to run install:all again before continuing to develop.

Commit the changes

Before committing your new changes, remember to change the version using the command:

npm run update-version <new-version>

Create the PR

Create a branch for your changes called 'feature/name-of-the-changes'. Make a PR into the development branch on the direflow repository.

Updating the docs

If you introduced user-facing changes, please update the direflow-docs accordingly.

Additional resources

Check out the Direflow Wiki. Here you can find guides and know-how that will help you developing on Direflow.