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Aimed at dealing with Satisfactory savegames - port of old satisfactory-save-repairer
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'Satisfactory Savegame Tool' v0.4 alpha (c) 2019 SillyBits

'Satisfactory Savegame Tool' allows for numerous options regarding satisfactory savegames, e.g. searching and erasing damaged entities.

This tool is a complete C#/C++ port of former 'Satisfactory Savegame Repairer'. This tool is open source and available for free at with ready-made installers available on the release page. There's also a small wiki available which discusses basic aspects of this tool. License is GPL-v3, so you're free to modify (fork) as you like. Also feel free to do pull requests for new functionality, like special actions on a save not possible using the actions API embedded.

Credits to bitowl, S4XXX, Goz3rr and Vilsol for their work on deciphering the structure of satisfactory savegames. Also thanks to Panossa for doing the graphics, and to RapierTropf for helping out on those german translations.

Cheers, and always remember:

We do not waste ... so why waste a broken save if you can ficsit :D

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