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@@ -6,8 +6,6 @@ I had this really odd problem that's been plaguing me for months on a newly inst

## All the Issues!

> They don't make bugs like Bunny anymore. - Olav Mjelde.
At first I noticed that I was having issues connecting to the Windows SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) service which I use to monitor all my servers. My SNMP monitoring system would timeout connecting to the service 99% of the time. This was very odd, and the patterns didn't present in a way that would scream networking issues. I checked all the common causes (VPN issues, monitoring host, DNS, etc), but came up empty. Attempting to restart the service resulted it hanging until I rebooted. Not really caring, I continued on thinking it was network related - my VPN always had Window issues (architecture portable != OS portable).

![Task Manager](/content/images/2017/7/task-manager.png)
@@ -18,8 +16,6 @@ Oddly all these issues basically revolved around disk issues, time to check that

## The Ultimate Solution

> Hardware: the parts of a computer that can be kicked. - Jeff Pesis
This is when the pieces started to fit together - something that the Virtual Disk service accessed was having issues. I bet if I waited long enough, whatever thing that was stalling the service would timeout. I opted to test this by opening the Task Manager and waiting for the IO stats to display. Behold, my patience was rewarded! Now to isolate the root cause...

I remembered back to earlier this year, when installing Windows onto this server. The SuperMicro IPMI management interface would keep on crashing or stopped responding to commands (again, this is a cheap dedi) - this kept on causing the Windows installer to fail. As a side note, I will never use SuperMicro again for personal projects, just a horrible experience (go HPE!).

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