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Software for creating and analyzing decision trees.

Citation: B. Kamiński, M. Jakubczyk, P. Szufel: A framework for sensitivity analysis of decision trees, Central European Journal of Operations Research (2017). doi:10.1007/s10100-017-0479-6

If you are a SilverDecisions user please visit project website or Wiki.

Basic technical information about SilverDecisions is provided in Developer's Guide

User testing guide

  • You can use index.html in docs directory to perform tests. Master contains current production version of SilverDecisions (and this version is served on the website), dev branch, if ahead of master, contains a development version.
  • Submit atomic comments using GitHub issues
  • Label usage guide:
Issue label Usage
bug application does not work correctly
needs doc aplication feature may be nonintuitive should be documented
enchancement requests for new features
question topics not directly related to development requests
  • Milestone usage guide:
Milestone Usage
X.Y we plan to add the functionality in release X.Y
hotfix we should fix it as soon as possible, possibly in minor release X.Y.Z
unscheduled the functionality is planned but beyond last currently planned numbered relase

Bogumił Kamiński approves requests for enchancements and assigns them to development milestones.