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A Terminal based game of Black Jack.

(I made this as an extra assignment for school. I barely know anything about black jack so the following terminology may not be completely correct)

The Basics:

Black jack is played by drawing cards and adding up their value. King Queen and Jack are worth 10. Ace can be worth 11 or 1, and numbered cards are their face value. You start off with 2 cards. and you can choose to keep drawing more after that. The goal is to have a hand that is higher than the dealer's Hand. but if you go over 21, you automatically loose (you bust). The dealer will always draw until thier hand is greater than or equal to 17 (they can bust too)

What I've implemented so far:

The game starts up by asking for your name. It then displays your cards, and the value of those cards. From there you have two actions. Hit and Stand. Type hit to draw another card, and stand to hold your cards and see if you win. the game with then draw for the dealer, display the dealers hand and announce the winner


-refactor code. printing the same thing over and over again!

-More actions: double down, split, any others that I dont know about?

-Quit option


-Automatically detect when a player has bust, instead of letting them draw indefinately

-I think you're supposed to reveal the dealer's top card at the start?

-I think I'd like to make it so that when the cards are printed to the terminal, they show up one at a time

-ascii art?

Feel free to contribute!

Fork and send me a pull request.

required gems: colorize