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Starbound Animated Signs

A simple tool that generates customsign items from image files.

Table of Contents


  • Convert a set of images of equal dimensions to animated custom signs.
  • Convert animated GIF files to animated custom signs.
  • /spawnitem commands for all generated signs.
  • Set animation speed in frames per second.
  • Set sign light color (leave empty for no lighting).


  • Download and unpack the contents of the latest release.


  • Open the application (AnimatedSigns.exe, located where you unpacked the release).
  • Select Browse... and select your image file(s)
    • You can also drag image files directly into the empty text field.
  • Confirm the order of your frames in the text field. Each line should contain the file path to one image.
  • Configure the FPS (frames per second) of the animation. 60 is the maximum value.
  • Configure the sign light.
    • Should be a 6 digit hexadecimal string. Leave empty for no lighting.
  • Press Create and Copy or Create and Export.


  • Check your clipboard for the results after the tool is done.
    • The clipboard contains the /spawnitem commands for each sign. You'll want to paste this in a text editor first for further use.
  • Paste each /spawnitem command in singleplayer. You may need to enable /admin first
    • The item will appear at your cursor, so hover your cursor near your character!


  • You will be asked to save a file somewhere. The folder and file name will be used as a base. Each sign will be generated as a new file named in <path>\<name>[x,y].json.
  • Import the signs using StarCheat, or whatever other tools you have.

You can use Degranon's Sign Placer mod to quicky place all of these signs down. More information can be found in his repository.


Suggest things or report bugs on the Issues page.