Compares a recolored image with the original image, and generates a replace directive for it.
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Starbound Directive Generator

A tool that compares two images, and generates replace directives for them. For more information on directives, you can visit the Starbounder Wiki Page.

Built for .NET Framework 4.5.


  • Download the latest release from the Releases page.
  • Unpack the contents of the zipped release to a folder.


  • Images should be recolored using external software. Some great applications are Paint.Net and GIMP.
  • A color should only ever be replaced by one other color.
  • In Paint.Net, I recommend the below settings for the Paint Bucket tool.


  • Drag two valid image files of equal dimensions on top of the application.
  • Confirm the comparison order.
  • Y Confirm the given comparison order (A to B).
  • N Switch the comparison order (B to A).
  • Esc Cancel the action.
  • Paste the contents of your Clipboard wherever you want Ctrl+V. The directives string is automatically copied to your Clipboard.

Drag 'n Drop
Opening the application using two images.

Confirming the image order in the application.