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Starbound WEdit

WEdit is a tech mod that allows you to edit the world around you on a larger scale through various functions and features not present in the game.

Table of Contents


  • Edit terrain in-game on a large scale.
  • Copy and paste structures, even between planets.
  • Many tools accessible from a compact interface.
  • Configure settings in a Quickbar interface.

A full list of features with their usage can be found on the Wiki.


The Wiki covers just about everything you need to know and do to use WEdit.


See the Issues page. You can post your own suggestions here too!

Potential Issues

  • Blocks can not be placed directly in front of or behind empty space, when there are no adjacent blocks on the same layer. Some actions may not yield the result you expected initially because of this. The script tries to work around this issue by running the same actions multiple times.
  • Server lag can cause synchronization issues; the script continues working while the world hasn't updated yet. You can compensate by slowing down WEdit in the settings.
  • The Undo Tool should not be relied upon; it's probably pretty buggy. It is recommended to back up worlds before making any major changes!


If you have any suggestions or feedback that might help improve this mod, please do post them by creating a new Issue.

You can also create pull requests to contribute directly to the mod!


WEdit is licensed under the MIT license. Please see: LICENSE.

Most of the icons used for the tools are courtesy of Yusuke Kamiyamane, and can be found in his Fugue Icons pack. Some have been modified slightly to fit better into the game.
Fugue Icons falls under the Creative Commons 3.0 license.