Compact Interface

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Documentation written for WEdit version: v1.3.3

The compact interface can be used to access a lot of the content WEdit offers through one tool.

Compact Interface
Preview of the compact interface


Obtaining the All In One tool

  • Craft the WE_AllIneOne item from your crafting menu (C by default).


You must be holding the WE_AllInOne item to use it.

  • With the compact interface closed, simply press the left or right mouse button to open the compact interface.
  • Move the interface wherever you want.
  • Select an action in the interface to make the WE_AllIneOne item behave like the selected tool.
  • For the functionality and usage of your selected tool, refer to Features.

When done, close the compact interface or switch away from the WE_AllInOne item to stop using the tool.

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