Core API for Silverpeas
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core-configuration Adding a new Google domain management: Nov 30, 2018
core-library on feature #10284, managing 'max results' parameter Dec 8, 2018
core-services Making optimizations in order to increase performances about the last… Nov 29, 2018
core-test Resolve dependencies issues in some integration tests because they in… Nov 8, 2018
core-war closing feature #10257 Dec 8, 2018
core-web-test Converts some of the JUnit 4 rules into JUnit 5 extensions. Nov 8, 2018
src/site Restore the configuration menu in the web site from previous commits Feb 14, 2018
.gitattributes Fixing merge in .gitattributes Aug 27, 2012
.gitignore Feature #7579 : renaming web-core folder/project to core-web folder a… Mar 16, 2016
license.txt Reformatting code Sep 29, 2009