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Silverpeas Core

Silverpeas Core is the foundation of the Silverpeas Collaborative Web Portal.

It provides both a business and a web APIs for the applications dedicated to run within the portal.

The business core

The business API defines a framework and a bus through which the services can interact with each other. This bus is made up of transverse services for:

  • authenticating and authorizing users and groups of users,
  • scheduling tasks in the time,
  • notifying about actions performed by an application or a business service,
  • notifying the users,
  • managing the life-cycle of business and technical services,
  • invoking a service by a functional or business interface,
  • logging information,
  • ...

The business services

Besides and atop of the core foundation of Silverpeas, this project provides also a set of pre-defined services ready to be used by the applications:

  • chat engine,
  • search engine,
  • commenting engine,
  • classification engine,
  • statistics engine,
  • workflow engine,
  • ...

The web core

The web API defines a GUI layout, a core Web framework, and it provides a set of GUI services written both in Java and in Javascript:

  • a MVC framework,
  • a REST-style web services framework,
  • a set of Web components built atop of AngularJS 2 (for the older ones) and VueJS (for the newer ones),
  • a set of plain-old Javascript functions and services,
  • a reusable HTML canvas,
  • a layout of HTML parts to build Web pages or some parts of them,
  • ...