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This project aims to deliver Silverpeas within some GNU/Linux distribution
specific packages:
* a DEB package for Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution,
* and a RPM package for each major RPM-based distribution (RedHat, Fedora,
and CentOS).

For doing, it provides shell scripts to build theses packages. The build of a
package of whatever GNU/Linux distribution can be done in any system having 
the required packages building utilities:
* to build a DEB package: build-essential or dpkg development tool and fakeroot,
* to build a RPM package: rpmbuild and createrepo.
The shell scripts can generate a package for each supported GNU/Linux

The main script is and it accepts as parameters the package to make
(deb or rpm), the version number of Silverpeas to build and, optionally, the
package release number for this Silverpeas version.
It first downloads the Silverpeas installer and the JBoss application server
distribution into the files/ directory so that they can be used by any
packaging build.
It then delegates the build to a more specific script: for making a
DEB package or for making a RPM package for each supported RPM-based
GNU/Linux distribution.

Specific packaging instructions and Silverpeas setup files related to a
GNU/Linux distribution type (Debian or RPM based distribution) are located in
the packaging specific directory: deb/ for DEB packaging and rpm/ for RPM
Common resources are located into the files/ directory.