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SimpleStripe Theme Details

SimpleStripe is a basic bare bones theme for Silverstripe. It utilizes html5 for the code markup. SimpleStripe is simple and semantic and build under the philosophy of Progressive Enhancement and Progressive Enrichment. SimpleStripe's inspiration is drawn directly from SimpleFolio - a wordpress theme. SimpleStripe borrows heavily from this theme's look and feel but departs from that inspiration to enable this for SilverStripe as well as make it html5 compliant.

SimpleStripe was built for Silverstripe 2.4 and greater.

To Install

  • Put the contents of the simplestripe folder into your /themes directory in your silverstripe project. Make sure the folder is named "simplestripe"
  • In your config file in: ./mysite/_config.php, you will need to change the setting for theme. Add or edit the following line of code:SSViewer::set_theme('themename'); [Alternate: in Silverstripe 2.4 > you can just choose the theme in Site Settings in admin]
  • Once you've added the code, visit your homepage, and flush the cache (append ?flush=1 to the url). Your new theme should now be working.

Add Ons

For extra goodies for SimpleStripe check out SilverStriper.com. There you can download a Siteconfig that will enable you to utilize TypeKit. Grab the HomePage add on Pack to get more flexibility in your HomePage.

Take this theme and build on it.

Site Config

You can setup TypeKit on SimpleStripe: Twitter Account Add your twitter account as just "@username" and your twitter handle will appear in the sidebar

Home Page

Grab The Home Page Add-On pack and get access to a three column home layout. This also will give you the ability to dynamically pull your latest blog posts into the home page.