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AutoMod Discord Bot

This bot will handle miscellaeous moderation functions including an antispam filter - users who spam will be banned! It currently uses Discord Anti-spam code.

To use, rename config-TEMPLATE.json to config.json and replace all values with the corect information for your bot/server. Then run the bot with node bot.js or forever start bot.js (to keep it running perpetually)

It also comes with some moderation & other commands:

Moderator Commands:

  • .announce [channel] [message]
    • Sends an announcement (Embed) to the specified channel
  • .ban @user [reason]
    • Bans the user specified, and logs to the logging channel
  • .prune [user] [#]
    • Deletes [#] of messages from a channel by a specified user
  • .unban [userid] [reason]
    • Unbans the user ID specified and logs to bot-logs channel

Admin Commands:

  • .delete [#]
    • Deletes messages from a channel. Currently restricted to the Owner role, and requires the to have the 'Manage Messages' permission.
  • .say [channel] [message]
    • Speaks as the bot
  • .setbot [type] [arguments]
    • Allows you to change the bots game: .botgame [playing | listening | watching [text].

Miscellaneous user commands:

  • .botinfo
    • Displays information about AutoMod
  • .help [<category>]
    • Displays all commands available within this bot.
  • .roleinfo [role name]
    • Displays information about the entered role, including a list of users.
  • .myinfo [<user ID>]
    • Displays information relating to the user: name, roles, etc. If a user's ID is specified this will query the user, otherwise the command author will be displayed.

Owner Commands

  • .emit <type>
    • Emits an event for testing
  • .eval [script]
    • Payload testing; logs variable payload to console for testing reasons.
  • .reload [command]
    • Reloads the bots command to allow edits to take effect. Currently this is restricted to the owner of the bot
  • .stop
    • Stops the bot. Currently this is restricted to the owner of the bot.
  • .ts [whatever]
    • Test Command Pls Ignore
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