Proof of concept for offline mobile mapping with PhoneGap, Leaflet, and MapBox
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Offline Mapping for Phonegap Build

The core web files for building an app that reads a local mbTiles database to display maps, which are compiled and packaged by Phonegap Build


Having the Android SDK is also necessary for using phone emulators, installing the app, and viewing the log.


Go to the app's page on Phonegap Build and download the .apk (Windows Phone and iPhone apps are not yet supported, more on that below). Either start an emulator or plug-in your Android device and wait for it to be finished with start up processes. Then type

adb install /path/to/OfflineMapping-debug.apk

After installation, open the app and click "Download" to get the map database. Once it is finished download, click "Display" to view a map of Yale's campus.

If you have any difficuties, email me at with a description of the error, and I'll try to figure out what's going on.

Next Steps

Developing an iOS version should be the next step, and it shouldn't be all that difficult. All it requires is checking the system the app is running on, with the Cordova API, and then set the source and target file for transferring the database file to a place easily accessibly by the SQLite plugin.

Because this is a proof-of-concept, I'm not sure how many units there are that are easily testable, especially because of the brevity of the code. Nevertheless, dependably building a test to make sure file placement is handled correctly depending on the phone and platform should be a good gaol for the future