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//Set up ultrasound sensor
int trigPin = 13; //Sensor for trigger pin
int echoPin = 11; //Sensor for echo pin
float pingTime; //Tine for pin to hit the target and return
float speedOfSound = 340.3; //Speed of sound in m/s
float targetDistance;
void setup() {
//Start ultrasonic measurement
Serial.begin(9600); //Turn on serial port
pinMode(trigPin,OUTPUT); //Set trig Pin as output
pinMode(echoPin, INPUT); //Set echo Pin as input
void loop() {
//Measure distance with the ultrasound sensor
delayMicroseconds(2000); //delay
digitalWrite(trigPin,HIGH); //set pin high
delayMicroseconds(15); //delay sending the wave
pingTime = pulseIn(echoPin, HIGH); //measure ping time in echo
pingTime = pingTime/1000000; //change to seconds
targetDistance = speedOfSound*pingTime;
targetDistance = targetDistance*50; //only one trip and change meters to cm
//display results on the serial
Serial.println(targetDistance); //Print the result on the serial port
delay(100); //delay to response