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These are the Home Assistant configuration files used in my Home Assistant (HA) setup. I relied on repositories of other HA users quite a bit when I was getting started for ideas and example code. Hopefully this repository will help someone else who is getting started.


A detailed description of each of my automations and a link to the yaml file is located HERE

This is the most important part of Home Assistant! Remote control and voice commmands are nice, however, that is not home automation, just remote control. Automations should make your life easier, look at what you do everyday, the simplest things, and automate them. To me Home Automation is collecting data about your home and automatically acting based on that data.

Server Running My Home Assistant Setup:

I am currently using a Raspberry Pi 3B+ as my host. The machine is running HassOS and Hass.io. I am also running the following add-ons:

I'm currently running Home Assistant version 0.82.0.

Network & Home Assistant Instance Security:

I think this is an often overlooked part of any internet connected project. I am far from a security expert, however, these are the steps I have taken to add some level of security to my Home Assistant instance.

  • Simple protections like enabling a password and limiting the number of incorrect login attempts.
  • Anything that doesn't need an internet connection is blocked from any inbound or outbound traffic at the router level.
  • I separate my traffic into different subnets and by default these subnets cannot talk to one another. For example my devices on Wifi only have access to the internet or my Local Area Network (LAN) if I allow it.
  • Using the port forwarding options in my Unifi Security Gateway I limit the connections to my open port to only IPs I typically connect from. Port Scanners and the like do not see an open port or a service running on that port!
  • Failed login attempts to the Home Assistant Front end generate a notification to me with the source IP.
  • My Home Assistant Traffic is encrypted with Let's Encrypt. I used this guide to get it setup on Hassbian and now use the DuckDNS add-on in Hass.io to do the same thing.
  • Test your secuirty and test it often.

Editing the Configuration Files:

What works for me is creating a Samba share that I can then edit on any computer in my house. I am doing this with the Samba add-on for Hass.io. For other install methods this is a good tutorial.

After you have the Samba share setup, I like to use Atom to edit my files. It works on both Windows and Linux, has a great interface and some nice features. NotePad++ is also easy to use and is a bit more lightweight than Atom (no Linux support though)

Connected Devices:

Cloud Controlled Devices:

Wifi Connected Devices

Zwave / Zigbee Devices

Hardwired Devices

*Block these from external network access and they will still work on your local network with Home Assistant.

Front End Screen Shots:


Device Status

Home Assistant Status

Connected Devices





The best way to get help on Home Assistant is the Home Assistant Forum. If you have a specific question about my configuration send me a Private Message on the HA forum, my username over there is Silvrr. If you have found something incorrect, please submit an issue here on Github and ill get it fixed.

If you are just getting started with Home Assistant I highly recommend checking out this YouTube Series. It helped me a lot in the beginning and I still frequently reference some videos today. I also strongly recommend you read the Home Assistant Docs. So many questions asked on the Home Assistant Forum could be solved by reading the docs. I have tried to include links in my files to the associated guidance documents for easy reference.