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A list of all parts required to build the SFX-100 Actuator.

Our team is located in Germany, so most of the links point to German websites. If you are from another country and found a supplier in your country, please get in contact with us.

Supplier and URL are only for better definition and are only examples

Item Details Quantity Supplier URL
aluminium profile Systemprofil K50 length: 250mm Teile Nr. H950N1010z 4 Kinetik
thread insert Teile Nr. H92RH10M8 32 Kinetik
slot nut K45/K50 (N10)-M8, einschwenkbar 16+ Kinetik
hollow shaft diameter = 30mm / length = 270mm / chamfer (both sides) 4 Smalltec
ball screw and nut type 1605 / length = 250mm 4 Modellbau-Letmathe
fixed bearing type FK12 4 Modellbau-Letmathe
linear bearing type LMEK30UU 4 Dold
shaft coupling type 30L40 / size 10,0 - 16,0mm 4 Dold
  • D-Sub cable 25 pol / plug-plug 4 Reichelt
    D-Sub breakoutboard 4 Amazon
    Arduino Leonardo 1 Amazon
    cables Arduino wiring 1 Amazon
    AC servo motor * type 90ST-M02430 220V 750W 4 Aliexpress
    breadboard 1 Amazon
    emergency stop 1 Amazon
    O-ring 23,5 x 30,5 x 3,5mm 4 Amazon all four included in this set:
    3d-printing filament type PLA 3 Amazon
    floor protector rubber feet 4 Amazon all four included in this set:

    *Modbus RS-323/485 interface is an option. We do not support this at the moment, but if I would suggest to order this option for future proofness.

    This is the 220v version, if you do have other voltages in your country, please ask the seller.

    bolts and washers

    Type Size Quantity used for URL
    DIN 912 M8 x 40 32 fixed / linear bearing mount
    M6 x 85 16 motor mount
    M6 x 25 16 linear bearing
    M4 x 25 16 fixed bearing
    DIN 6912 M5 x 20 24 slider
    DIN 125 A8,4 32 fixed / linear bearing mount
    A6,4 32 linear bearing /motor mount
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