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* Preprocessor.h
* PDF is so complicated that we have to scan twice
* Check used codes for each font
* Collect all used link destinations
* by WangLu
* 2012.09.07
#include <unordered_map>
#include <OutputDev.h>
#include <PDFDoc.h>
#include <Annot.h>
#include "Param.h"
#include <map>
namespace pdf2htmlEX {
using std::map;
class Preprocessor : public OutputDev {
Preprocessor(const Param * param);
virtual ~Preprocessor(void);
void process(PDFDoc * doc);
virtual GBool upsideDown() { return gFalse; }
virtual GBool useDrawChar() { return gTrue; }
virtual GBool interpretType3Chars() { return gFalse; }
virtual GBool needNonText() { return gFalse; }
virtual void drawChar(GfxState *state, double x, double y,
double dx, double dy,
double originX, double originY,
CharCode code, int nBytes, Unicode *u, int uLen);
virtual void startPage(int pageNum, GfxState *state);
const char * get_code_map (long long font_id) const;
double get_max_width (void) const { return max_width; }
double get_max_height (void) const { return max_height; }
double get_page_width (int page_number) { return page_widths[page_number-1]; }
double get_page_height (int page_number) { return page_heights[page_number-1]; }
const Param * param;
double max_width, max_height;
map<int,int> page_widths, page_heights;
long long cur_font_id;
char * cur_code_map;
std::unordered_map<long long, char*> code_maps;
} // namespace pdf2htmlEX
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