A Style package for Skype 5.0 on OSX
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StyleShift - enhanced style for Skype 5 Mac


Because the new Skype chat is WebKit powered, and we enhanced it using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


  • Reduced whitespace
  • Every image URL is expanded in a linked thumbnail
  • Support for custom emoticons

How to use

This is how:

  • Download and open the ZIP file with the StyleShift style (big button "Download" at the top right corner on this page)
  • From inside your user folder open: ~/Library/Application Support/Skype/ChatStyles
  • If the folder "ChatStyles" doesn't exist, create it
  • Put the file "StyleShift.SkypeChatStyle" from the downloaded ZIP inside the ChatStyles folder
  • (Re)start Skype
  • Go to Skype -> Preferences -> Messaging -> Style and choose "StyleShift"
  • Restart Skype

To check that it's working, try pasting inside any chat an image URL ending with jpg/png/gif, or (sheep), or (partysnake).