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Modal WebView: doesn't trigger rotation of Book #337

folletto opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Davide Casali Sebastian Steinmetz Xm4s
Davide Casali

After merging the Pull Request #325.

BUG: Unfortunately, we found a bug: when you are in modal view, and rotate the iPad, and then close the modal, then the navigation is broken until you rotate the iPad again. It's probably because the modal view doesn't call our rotate function.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Baker
  2. Open an external view into the modal WebView
  3. Rotate
  4. Close the modal WebView
  5. Try to swipe
Xm4s Xm4s was assigned
Sebastian Steinmetz

whow. that looks pretty ugly :( sorry for causing this.

I was quickly looking into this, but it seems to be a bit more complex than just calling the appropriate orientation-methods from RootViewController.m. I'll dig a bit deeper soon. Keep us updated when you find something on this. Thx.

Davide Casali

Yup, let's use this thread to sync. :)

Sebastian Steinmetz

please have a look on pull request #343

Xm4s Xm4s closed this in deb4c4e
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