Deployment with testflight

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Necessary Accounts

To start, you'll need an iOS Developer account:

And a Testflight account:

Note that this method of distribution is limited to 100 devices, and you have to rebuild the app every time you add a device.


  1. Invite some team members -
  2. Wait for the users to register their devices. Testflight will email their device ids to you as attachments.
  3. Add Devices in Apple's provisioning center: (upload devices button)
  4. Create a Distribution Provisioning Profile (make sure to include all of the devices you've added):
  5. Download your profile and open it to add it to Xcode.
  6. Create an IPA by following this: use the identity downloaded in step 5 to sign your app.
  7. Upload your IPA to testflight: