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windows link: mac link: web playable:

source: tag v0.5 = Compo submission

Enter the Poker Fight Dueling Arena, but be careful! You only get ONE life. At the start of each battle, you are dealt ONE card for attack and ONE card for defense. As more cards are drawn, you decide which hand they go towards... once you make two full hands you change your attack stance and defense stance.

The better the hand, the more devastating the stance (both on attack and defense).

Kill as many enemies as you can.

Poker Fight is built in Unity with Futile. I'd read about it, but never used it before Friday. I chose something somewhat simple (a card game), but even that turned out to be too much for new tech. It's basically a version of Solitaire but with some RPG elements thrown on.

Missing features:

  • the hall of fame (a record of your three greatest warriors)
  • bow and arrows: ranged weapons with lower damage but high initiative
  • attack stance level: depending on how strong your attacks were, you'd level up your attack level and open up more powerful weapons (increased base damage or health or initiative)
  • defense stance level: depending on the strength of your defense stances, you'd level up your defense level and open up more powerful armor (increased Max Health or initiative)
  • the store!
    • was going to use the 90 or so pieces of equipment i made and just assign them random names and stats based on your attack/defense level. stats that they could affect would be initiative (attack speed), max health (defense), and base damage (attack)
    • was also going to have health potions in the store, allowing you to heal between duels


Ludum Dare #23 Entry: You Only Get One






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