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Stripped down version of ammonite
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A stripped-down fork of Ammonite designed for scala and java applications that need to compile and execute scala code at runtime.

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Add the usual lines to the build file:


libraryDependencies += "com.simianquant" %% "ammonite-kernel" % "0.4.2"


compile 'com.simianquant:ammonite-kernel_2.11:0.4.2'


compile 'com.simianquant:ammonite-kernel_2.12:0.4.2'


While Ammonite works well as a stand-alone application, it is not well-suited for embedded usage because:

  1. Separation of Concerns: The code to compile, parse, load and evaluate a statement is not separate from that to read it from an input source and print the result to an output source. Though it is possible to feed in strings and assign the printed output to a string, doing so is quite convoluted. Also there is no simple way to obtain the value of an evaluated expression.
  2. Thread Safety: The coupled mutable state of the application is spread across several classes and several methods without proper synchronization, making multi-threaded usage tricky at best.
  3. Static leakage: At the time of the fork, several classes leaked static state, making it complicated to run several instances of ammonite at once.



The functionality is encapsulated in ReplKernel. The static output types do not add anything to the examples below, and have been ommitted for clarity.

scala> import ammonite.kernel._ // bringing stuff into scope
import ammonite.kernel._

scala> val kernel = ReplKernel() // to carry out the operations
kernel: /**/ = ammonite.kernel.ReplKernel@6e6a20a8

scala> val kernelBkp = ReplKernel() // to illustrate the absence of static leakage
kernelBkp: /**/ = ammonite.kernel.ReplKernel@4189b9c5

scala> kernel.process("")
res0: /**/ = None

scala> kernel.process("oogachaka") // name error
res1: /**/ =
Some(Failure(NonEmpty[LogError( not found: value oogachaka
private val res0_0 = oogachaka

scala> kernel.process("def foo{") // syntax error
res2: /**/ =
Some(Failure(NonEmpty[LogError(SyntaxError: found "", expected ";" | Newline.rep(1) | "}" | `case` at index 8
def foo{

scala> kernel.process("""def greet(name: String) = s"Hello, $name " """)
res3: /**/ = Some(Success(SuccessfulEvaluation((),List(),List())))

scala> kernel.process("""greet("Harshad")""") // use the function
res4: /**/ = Some(Success(SuccessfulEvaluation(Hello, Harshad ,List(),List())))

scala> kernelBkp.process("""greet("Harshad")""") // different instance, does not work 
res5: /**/ =
Some(Failure(NonEmpty[LogError( not found: value greet
private val res0_0 = greet("Harshad")

scala> val testStr1 = "import collection.immutable.Li"; val testStr2 = "gre"
testStr1: String = import collection.immutable.Li
testStr2: String = gre

scala> kernel.complete(testStr1, testStr1.length)
res6: /**/ = AutocompleteOutput(List(LinearSeq, List, ListMap, ListSerializeEnd, ListSet),List())

scala> kernel.complete(testStr2, testStr2.length) // autocomplete includes names defined earlier
res7: /**/ = AutocompleteOutput(List(greet),List())

scala> kernel.process("import ammonite.kernel.testcode.Newton") // importing classpath objects
res8: /**/ = Some(Success(SuccessfulEvaluation((),List(),List())))

scala> kernel.process("Newton.sqrt(2)") // using classpath function
res9: /**/ = Some(Success(SuccessfulEvaluation(1.414213562373095,List(),List())))

scala> kernel.process("import ammonite.kernel.testcode.Mutable") // bringing object into scope
res10: /**/ = Some(Success(SuccessfulEvaluation((),List(),List())))

scala> kernel.process("Mutable.mutableInt") // reading the object
res11: /**/ = Some(Success(SuccessfulEvaluation(0,List(),List())))

scala> kernel.process("Mutable.mutableInt = 42") // modifying the object
res12: /**/ = Some(Success(SuccessfulEvaluation((),List(),List())))

scala> kernel.process("Mutable.mutableInt") // reading the object again
res13: /**/ = Some(Success(SuccessfulEvaluation(42,List(),List())))

scala> kernelBkp.process("ammonite.kernel.testcode.Mutable.mutableInt") // visible to others
res14: /**/ = Some(Success(SuccessfulEvaluation(42,List(),List())))

scala> kernel.loadIvy("com.simianquant", "typequux_2.11", "0.2.0") // loading external library
res15: scalaz.ValidationNel[ammonite.kernel.LogError,Unit] = Success(())

scala> kernel.process("import typequux._; import typequux._") // bringing stuff into scope
res16: /**/ = Some(Success(SuccessfulEvaluation((),List(),List())))

scala> kernel.process("""val p = 3 :+: true :+: "asdf" :+: false :+: 'k' :+: () :+: 13 :+: 9.3 :+: HNil""")
res17: /**/ = Some(Success(SuccessfulEvaluation((),List(),List())))

scala> kernel.process("val idxd = p.t[String]") // type indexing
res18: /**/ = Some(Success(SuccessfulEvaluation((),List(),List())))

scala> kernel.process("idxd.before")
res19: /**/ = Some(Success(SuccessfulEvaluation(3 :+: true :+: HNil,List(),List())))

scala> kernel.process("")
res20: /**/ = Some(Success(SuccessfulEvaluation(asdf,List(),List())))

scala> kernel.process("idxd.updated(19)")
res21: /**/ = Some(Success(SuccessfulEvaluation(3 :+: true :+: 19 :+: false :+: k :+: () :+: 13 :+: 9.3 :+: HNil,List(),List())))

scala> kernelBkp.process("import typequux._") // different instance, does not have dependency loaded
res22: /**/ =
Some(Failure(NonEmpty[LogError( not found: value typequux
import typequux._


The compat package provides java friendly wrapper to the API. The functionality is encapsulated in ReplKernelCompat. Refer to the java example project for a detailed example.


  • 0.1 Initial release
  • 0.2 Add compat package to make interop with java easier
  • 0.3 Add support for scala 2.12
  • 0.3.1 Bump scala version to 2.12.6
  • 0.4.0 Add support for timeout
  • 0.4.1 Bump version of coursier, switch to sbt 1.1.5
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