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Automatic Masternode Installation Without Swap
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Shell script to install a LITEX Masternode on a Linux server running Ubuntu 16.04. Use it on your own risk.

This script install the LITEX cold wallet on your VPS, update Ubuntu, creates a service for the wallet and configures the firewall.

Windows wallet

  1. Launch your local wallet
  2. Go to debug console (Tools - Debug Console) and enter the following command:

masternode genkey save the result (masternode_privkey)

  1. Enter the following command:

getaccountaddress MN1 you will get new Masternode wallet address. Use like MN1 or other to better remeber and check your Masternode

  1. Send 10,000 LTX to Masternode wallet address.
  2. Enter the following command:

masternode outputs output_txid

  1. Open your masternode.conf file (Tools - Open Masternode Configuration file) and add the following line (port=17991):

MN_ALIAS VPS_IP:port masternode_privkey output_txid output_index


wget && bash

Local wallet

  1. Reopen you local wallet
  2. Go to Debug Console and run your masternode:

walletpassphrase YourPassword 360 If you have encrypted your wallet - 360 the time in seconds in which the wallet will be unlocked

masternode start-alias false MN1 <MN_ALIAS> (If you have encrypted you wallet) You should see something like this: { "alias" : "MN1", "result" : "successful" }

masternode start-alias MN1 <MN_ALIAS> (If you haven't encrypted you wallet) You should see something like this: { "alias" : "MN1", "result" : "successful" }

Usage control script:

./ -[argument]

-a start LITEX service
-b stop LITEX service
-c status LITEX service
-d checks the autostart of the LITEX service when the server is starting
-e masternode sync status
-f masternode status
-h help - usage for this script
-k firewall status
-l show ltx.conf
-m show firewall log
-n getinfo
-o getblockcount
-p getpeerinfo
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